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Smart Lipo

Smart Lipo is an FDA approved procedure used for body contouring.

The procedure has evolved from a laser with a single wavelength to one with a dual wavelength. Why the evolution? The dual wavelength laser allows for the destruction of fat cells, while simultaneously targeting the skin, promoting skin tightening through collagen production.

IPL Photo Rejuvenation

The procedure is simple, affordable and has no downtime.

IPL treatments attack aging skin on several fronts. First, consider brown spots or pigment on the face. This is a subtle sign of aging. If we revisit a damaged basal cell, one of the few defense mechanisms it has is to throw up an ‘umbrella’ to protect itself from the sun.

Stem Cell Therapy

When extraordinary is indicated.

SHCS offers the only FDA approved autologous adipose stem cell regeneration system. The potential and future of the use of stem cells in aiding recovery of multiple soft tissue injuries is now offered in Northern California!