IPL Photo rejuvenation


What differences in my skin should I expect to see after an IPL?

Immediately after IPL, the skin is slightly red. Red is good. It indicates where the prior damaged skin was hiding. Red also shows us the laser has treated that damaged area. This redness will usually disappear by the end of the day. Within ten minutes after treatment you will feel and see your face tighter (the water in the existing collagen has been vaporized and the collagen has tightened).

The first one to three treatments will target the dyschromia and reduce the age spots and pigmentation. These brown spots will form ‘peppering’ and slough off over the next few days. Underneath these melted brown spots beautiful, new skin will appear. Remember that a skin cycle is 4-6 weeks; therefore, every month your skin will appear more improved as the old skin sheds and the new cells migrate to the surface. In the intervening weeks, small blood vessels will be eradicated and Rosacea will diminish. At this time, new collagen is being produced and the skin takes on a youthful appearance. After the brown spots are gone, no barriers to the IPL laser remain. Hence, the fourth treatment allows delivery of the light wave to reach the basal layer in full strength. This is what we have been waiting for…complete absorption by the basal cells. By now, people will comment on your fabulous appearance. “Did you lose weight, go on vacation, win the lotto?” are common remarks my patients receive. Your friends and family cannot figure out what is different except that you look radiant. And we know why! Finally, an amazing thing happens about 6-8 months from the start of treatment. In a process called ‘recruitment’, a critical mass of cells come together to produce new skin in a coordinated effort…the “fifth wow” of IPL.

How long do the results last?

We have given you a fresh start. But remember: free radicals will continue to be produced. The balance for youthful aging is a pull between oxidation and production of new skin. Minimizing the oxidation process is paramount to maintaining healthy skin. Use of anti-oxidants, avoiding sunlight, smoking, etc. help shift the scales to more production of new skin and less destruction. A good homecare skin system, such as SIA Formulations, is extremely important. Overall, we find most patients come in for one touch up treatment every 6 or 12 months to keep the rejuvenation process strong.

How many treatments are necessary?

We recommend 4 treatments. These can be spaced every 3-4 weeks.

Is there any down time?

No! As you are probably aware, many patients are in the public eye. IPL is safe, fast, affordable and has minimal discomfort.