IPL Photo Rejuvenation

IPL Photo Rejuvenation
The procedure is simple, affordable and has no downtime.

IPL treatments attack aging skin on several fronts. First, consider brown spots or pigment on the face. This is a subtle sign of aging. If we revisit a damaged basal cell, one of the few defense mechanisms it has is to throw up an ‘umbrella’ to protect itself from the sun. Every freckle, liver spot or age spot has underneath it a damaged cell. Our eyes compare people with brown spots against the uniform color of young skin. Over time, we can guess a person’s age by the amount of uneven color on the face. IPL treatments erase these brown spots.

Another wonderful benefit of IPL is its affect on red, blushing skin. Fourteen million Americans suffer from Rosacea. Whether it is flushing cheeks, a WC Fields nose, facial veins or adult acne, Rosacea is often mistaken for alcohol abuse.

The third benefit of IPL is on collagen production. Another tale-tale sign of aging is sagging, lack luster skin. Much of this is due to decreased collagen production. IPL stimulates the production of collagen with a resultant tightening of the skin and decrease in fine wrinkles.

Still another advantage of IPL is the reversal of sun damage. Known as solar elastosis, sun aging makes us look weathered. As Indiana Jones stated, “It’s not the years but the mileage!”

A consistent comment patients make 10 minutes after treatment is how tight their skin feels. There is a very good explanation for this tightening. As we age, our collagen gets ‘loose’. Our skin sags partly because the collagen molecules are lacked. When IPL is passed over the skin, water is evaporated from the collagen molecule. This shrinks the collagen and tightens the skin. Hence, you feel immediate tightening after IPL treatment.

We hope this short explanation has made you curious about a Photo face-lift. Smart Healthcare Solutions believes that well-informed patients get the best results.

We want to exceed your expectations…every time.

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