Tickle Lipo

Tickle Lipo
FDA approved Tickle Lipo is the very latest in fat removal and body sculpting.

Internationally known as Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture (NIL), this advanced technology was developed in Europe designed to compliment your liposuction experience.  Patient safety, comfort and clinical excellence have been validated by thousands of Tickle Lipo patients all around the world.

Patients rapidly coined the term Tickle Lipo because of the tickling sensation experienced during the procedure. Imagine undergoing a surgical procedure expecting pain and then in fact giggling during the procedure! Most experience this side effect of the vibration.

The vibration and movement of the cannula with Tickle Lipo, acts as a pain blocker in the same way that scratching relieves irritation. The process is known as “The Gate Control Theory”.

The patented movement of the Tickle Lipo cannula enables it to glide through fatty tissue while delivering local anesthesia and removing fat with little or no pain. The cannula is also able to maneuver through fibrous or tougher areas for better body sculpting, less surgery time, less bruising and less recovery time.

Leading surgeons acknowledge that Tickle Lipo is evolutionary because it allows them to perform liposuction in an in-office environment while the patient is awake, delivering excellent clinical results safely and comfortably to patients.

Patient Benefits
  • No general anesthesia
  • Little or no discomfort
  • Patient safety
  • Permanent removal of fat cells
  • Quick recovery period
  • Look great immediately
  • Superior Bodysculpting
  • Convenient, Affordable, Easy
When will I see results?

You will start to see results immediately after the reduction of initial swelling which typically lasts 2 to 5 days. Continued improvements will occur the next three to six months providing you follow a well balance diet and exercise regularly.


Tickle Lipo does not generate heat and has a safety feature which shuts off the system if    non-fatty tissue is encountered. The infrasonic energy used to break up the fatty tissue ensures minimal damage to the fat and surrounding tissue.  This leaves healthy tissue in place for better skin retraction.

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Tickle Lipo Patient Brochure